Since I have a very pretty little sister (guess I got the raw end of the deal), and have to act all tough each and every time she brings a new boyfriend around (which, mind you, happens quite often), I can totally relate to the project MTV Films just picked up. Penned by Melissa Stack, I Want to ___ Your Sister tells of an over-protective older brother who goes to great lengths to protect his little sister from guys like him ... which I read as slime balls looking for a good time in the sack. I'm, like, a totally nice guy though -- so I can't relate to those men out to ___ every girl they see.

To make this story better, Stark was a lawyer who immediately quit her job once MTV bought the film for $300,000 against $600,000. You go girl! And I imagine the story is probably partially based on her own life. Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch are producing for Escape Artists, along with Aaron Kaplan and Sean Perrone. Says Black, "When Jason and I read this, we have not laughed this much ever." Of course, it could read great, but it all depends on the casting and whether or not the thing gets torn apart during re-writes. Here's where you get to put on your casting hats: Who would you choose to play the older brother and the younger sister?

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