I've got a few updates for you from recent stories:
  • After bringing you word that Paul W. S. Andersonmight be leaving the Castlevania adaptation, it turns out that it's a whole bunch of hooey. IGN spoke with the director, and he's still quite attached to the feature. According to Anderson: "Both Death Race and Castlevania are set up at Universal. The studio wants to make both films, but obviously there is a scheduling conflict which we are trying to resolve. I am very passionate about Castlevaniaand whatever happens I will remain actively involved in my role as writer and producer." So, that's it, folks. You can yay or nay, but either way... Anderson is here to stay!
  • A week ago, Scott alerted us to a spicy video up on YouTube that has director David O. Russell going crazy on Lily Tomlin on the I Heart Huckabees set -- it's basically a screaming, adult male temper tantrum. Now some people seem to think that George Clooney is behind it all. While it may sound like a jump, it seems that this clip was originally shown to Hollywood agents last fall, and sources told Radar that Clooney was the man behind it. So, if he was showing people in the fall, could he be the one to do it today? A Clooney rep laughed at the idea, saying that the actor "doesn't know how to put a video on YouTube. He barely knows how to e-mail." Radar's theory: he joined together with Edward Tise, who is working on Leatherheads with the actor, and was also part of the Three Kings crew. It seems like a bit of a stretch to me, since Clooney does what he can to stay out of the tabloid craze, but maybe he took a bullet for irked Russell* actors everywhere. [via FilmIck]
*Thanks to soundboy64 for the catch!
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