We recently brought you news of Kiefer Sutherland's next big-screen adventure -- he'll be teaming with 'splat pack' charter member Alexandre Aja on a supernatural thriller called Mirrors. Sutherland plays a mall security guard, who must investigate the weird mirrors in a department store. According to various sources, the mirrors reflect back evil versions of the people they are mirroring. There's no evidence that this will be a comedy, but it sure sounds like it. Today there is news that Sutherland now has a co-star, Paula Patton, who was Denzel Washington's love interest in the mediocre time-travel film Deja Vu. Patton will play Sutherland's fiance who disbelieves his claims about the mirrors. The film is going to be shot in Romania, with a start date of May 1.

Patton is also attached to the Christine Crokos drama This Wednesday, which is about a prostitute and her pimp -- that film is currently in pre-production. As for Aja, his other upcoming project is, of course, the remake of Joe Dante's Piranha. [Along with the news of Helen Mirren joining National Treasure 2, Shia LaBeouf joining Indy 4 and any number of other recent stories, the Pirahna story was brought to you first by the online film community.] There's no word yet on Pirahna casting, but I have no doubt whatsoever that Aja will push the gore-factor on this one, despite the fact that the studio apparently wants to maintain the humorous tone of the original.

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