Sigourney Weaver will forever be connected to the sexy, strong and head shaven woman in the Alien movies -- the series was probably my first introduction to who would become one of my favorite actresses. As Weaver gets older, her film roles have become even richer and now she's reuniting with James Cameron for the upcoming sci fi thriller Avatar. The film is about the clashing of two cultures -- one culture being the human race and the other being an android race with their own ways of life. Weaver describes her role in Avatar -- not a leading lady part but an older, secondary character with her own love story -- as being "juicy."

She also attributes much of the success of films involving older characters -- especially to the success of her own outstanding roles -- to the baby boomer generation "wanting to see interesting films." Weaver cleverly revealed just enough about her upcoming role to keep us wondering. The character is nothing like Ripley from Alien but doesn't mean she isn't as strong. I don't know how the film's extravagant photo-realism-motion-capture effects will be done, but Weaver stated that Cameron has invented cameras to capture the world that he wishes to create.

The film will be epic and possibly unlike anything we've ever experienced ... at least Weaver thinks so. "It is big entertainment, it's a big, lush, old-fashioned romantic adventure the likes of which no one has ever seen." And we won't be seeing it for awhile -- the film is due in May of 2009 -- but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

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