Stephen Rea has a never-ending resume and it seems a surplus of constantly different characters. He has two films due out this year (The Reaping and Until Death) and three more in production. It obviously shows that having a unique, offbeat look, oh ... and being extraordinarily talented in Hollywood can do wonders for your career. One of the projects that he is currently filming is Kisses.

Kisses is written and directed by Lance Daly who is also responsible for 2004's comedy The Halo Effect; which Rea also appeared in. Kisses is about two children who run away from home on Christmas; only to spend the night on the dangerous streets of inner-city Dublin. Kelly O'Neill and Shane Curry will play the runaways. This is Curry's debut film and O'Neill's second project; the two have an opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Rea and Daly have much in common, mostly that they're both from Ireland. All three of Daly's films also take place in Dublin -- 2001's Last Days in Dublin and The Halo Effect, which walked away with five nominations at IFTA. Rea is an actor that I adore who can -- and so little do -- pick only roles and scripts that please him and make him grow as an actor. IMDB quotes him as saying, "I didn't want to be seen as just a guy on a list. I'm interested in good scripts, scripts that are about something, scripts that move your acting along."

If you're like me and itching to see Rea before Kisses makes it to theatres -- possibly at the end of this year -- then see The Reaping, which opens on April 5.
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