An anonymous source with close ties to the Tribeca Film Festival informed me recently that there will most definitely be a screening of Spider-Man 3 at some point during the festival. Not only that, but apparently they may host back-to-back-to-back screenings of all three films as well. Though Spidey 3 will have its world premiere in Tokyo on April 16 (those bastards!), word on the street has it that Sony wants to host a U.S. premiere prior to the film's May 4th release. And, if my contact is correct, that premiere will take place during Tribeca.

Seeing as Mission Impossible III premiered last year at Tribeca mid-week, chances are Spider-Man 3 will do the same thing -- meaning, the film will not open the fest. As far as what will open, my source tells me that the Angelina Jolie-helmed doc A Moment in the World might be sliding into that spot. Apparently, the documentary sent 30 film crews to different parts of the world in order to capture events unfolding during the same three-minute time period. Ever wonder what's going on in Dubai while you sit on your couch picking your nose? No? Well, Angelina Jolie is about to show you. I don't mean to rag, it actually seems like a pretty cool idea -- and it would be smart for Tribeca to open with this film as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the same place at the same time draw more press than a pantiless Britney, an emotionless Hilton and a humorless Mel Gibson combined. As always, Cinematical will keep you up to date on any further information as it becomes available.

*If you need to beef up on all things Spidey, there's a nice character guide on Moviefone to help.