We've got another two repeat winners for last week's Hot Fuzz contest. Apparently once y'all get a taste of the cool swag we mete out here at Insert Caption, you're hooked. Muhaha... But unlike with your friendly neighborhood crack salesman, the second one's free, too. And the third and the fourth and the fifth. Never know, the more proficient among you may someday have a wardrobe that consists entirely of movie-related threads. Suffice to say you'd be beating them off with a stick at that point. Last week's winners are on their way: We think you'll really dig the Hot Fuzz tees, we know we do (the movie's pretty awesome, too).

This week we've got a pic from the Will Ferrell-Jon Heder comedy Blades of Glory, which critics are calling the best male figure-skating movie since The Cutting Edge. Our first-place finisher will get a stylish Blades of Glory track jacket, tee shirt, poster and box of Flakies (Blades cereal). Two runners up will get the shirt, poster and cereal. Now, while the jacket is hot, I'm most excited to give y'all some breakfast cereal. I've got a box, and trust me, it tastes hilarious. Good luck going for the Glory, my friends. And stay away from that crack salesman.

Hot Fuzz1. "Upon arrival at the crime scene, investigators concluded there was
fowl play." -- Erik V.

2. "A production still from the avian smash hit, "Down of the Dead."
-- William G.

3. "Someone needs a hug!!!"
-- Suraj C.

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Blades of Glory