You can call it an accidental slip-up by a writer who wasn't aware of the fact that Brett Ratner wasn't officially signed on to Wolverine yet, or we could be looking at some actual news here. Either way, I'm not very excited. While spitting out a number of comic-related films currently in development, a writer for the Telegraph noted that the much-anticipated Wolverine spin-off flick will indeed be directed by Brett Ratner. Only problem is we had no idea he was attached to the project. Sure, there's been speculation ever since Ratner helmed X-Men: The Last Stand -- but so far the pic has not showed up on his future film slate; right now, he's wrapping up Rush Hour 3 (due in theaters later this summer) and in pre-production on an untitled comedy featuring Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock.

With filming apparently set to begin this fall (we think?), chances are Ratner will make Wolverine his next pic ... regardless of whether fans think the dude is a craptastic director and, like, totally not worthy. Last we heard on the Wolverine front, Hugh Jackman was officially locked in to star, and a script (penned by David Benioff) was all but complete. A few characters rumored to appear in the film include William Stryker (Brian Cox) and Kenuichio Harada/Silver Samurai (Ken Watanabe?). Other than that, everyone involved has been keeping real quiet. Of course, when things are quiet, fans immediately question whether the project is still moving forward. Is Ratner stalling? Are they looking for a new director? Has Bryan Singer kidnapped Jackman? If you had the power to make decisions -- and keep in mind there's no way Singer will be able to fit this film into his schedule if he still intends on making that Superman sequel -- who would you choose to direct Wolverine?

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