Posting on the Internet will bring out just about everyone -- the happy, the smart, the dumb, the dumb people who think they're smart, the delusional, the angry, the gramatically-sensitive, the horny, the fanboy and fangirl, the argument addicts and just about everyone else. Opening a post up for comments -- well, that's where the fun begins.

While this week has simmered down a bit, without director feedback or comments from big media companies. Instead, we've got all-caps rants on Mia Farrow, Marky Mark.. errr Mark Wahlberg likened to a broken squirt gun, Elizabeth Banks tasting like a hamburger and lots and lots and lots of Cinematical love. However, this weeks winner wins with sweetness. While you can see the whole list under the jump, here's a loving note from "Mom." I just wish it came with cookie for the whole class!

Spielberg Bought Stolen Rockwell Painting

"Christopher, Your Dad and I saw this painting in a San Fransico gallery in the late '60's -early '70's. I asked him if we could buy it for the asking price of $20,000!

Unfortunately, we were both struggling college students at the time and couldn't afford it!

I've always loved that painting, in fact all of Rockwell's paintings... but mostly his very early ones, where, I believe, his true artistic talent was. He was a brilliant artist/illustrator!

Thanx for the interesting article, Darling.

xoxox -- Mom"

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