Just when you thought it was safe to go back in front of the camera, David O. Russell (Three Kings, Outrageous YouTube Video) strikes again -- this time, by attaching himself to the Columbia Pictures comedy Sammy's Hill. Pic will be based on Kristin Gore's novel ... and if that name sounds familiar, it's because she's Al Gore's daughter. Screw Washington, this family belongs in Hollywood baby! Russell will pen the screenplay, as well as direct; currently, there's no word on whether anger management classes were part of the deal.

Book tells the story of a girl desperately trying to balance her career as a congressional aide on Capitol Hill, while at the same time attempting to find love in the seedy, depressing, money-hungry town. Doug Wick, who's producing along with Lucy Fisher and Red Wagon, says the film "will do for Washington D.C. what Talladega Nights did for race car driving." Wait, so audiences will feel the urge to camp outside the next congressional meeting with a few kegs of Budweiser? I don't get it. However, the book is then compared to Thank You for Smoking and Election -- two of my favorite dark comedies in recent years -- and so if Russell can somehow manage to churn out a smart, successful comedy without accidentally killing one of the cast members, Sammy's Hill could be a film to watch out for.

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