Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank has begun developing a remake of French director Patrice Leconte's 2004 film Intimate Strangers, a mystery drama about a woman who is seeing a man she thinks is a psychiatrist, but he isn't. I haven't seen the film, but Roger Ebert gave it a glowing three and a half stars, and gushed over the psycho-sexual setup. I can't top the master, so here's his take: "She thinks he is a psychiatrist. He is not, but doesn't tell her that, and as she continues her visits he ignores the withering stares of Madame Mulon and sits sphinx-like behind his desk, hardly moving a muscle, listening to her story as it grows steadily more strange, and it must be said, more erotic."

Okay, someone sign De Palma up for this immediately -- this is the movie he should be casting Hilary Swank in, not The Black Dahlia, where she was supposed to look exactly like Mia Kirshner, even though she, um, doesn't. The remake of Strangers is being scripted by a writer named Kelly Fremon, and Variety says Swank "has an eye" to star in the picture, as well as produce alongside Frederic Golchan and Ted Field. Swank is currently in post-production on a film for Warner Bros. called P.S., I Love You, and has her named attached to a project called Labyrinth about a woman with multiple personalities, and one of those personalities knows the identity of a serial killer -- that sounds more like a Halle Berry type of role, doesn't it?

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