There's a reason we keep writing so many stories about horror flicks in general and Eli Roth in particular: They're among our most visited pages! So obviously a whole lot of you have some serious interest in seeing what Hostel: Part ii is going to look like -- and now there's a full-bore theatrical trailer to sink your bloody teeth into! Continuing with the "German is creepy" vibe that was doled out in the teaser trailer, the new clip explains just a little more about the plot of the sequel. Apparently we're not just going to visit with three ill-fated American girls; we're also going to get a peek behind the curtain to meet and greet the killers clients who line up to commit murder.

The trailer is available only at the rather unwieldy MTV website, but I was able to track it down and watch the thing just fine. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to see what Madman Roth has cooked up this time. The flick doesn't open until June 8, but we don't usually get a lot of hardcore horror movies during the summer, so it should make for quite the gore-soaked treat. The sequel stars Heather Matarazzo, Lauren German and Bijou Phillips (as the chicks in danger), as well as Richard Burgi as one of the "normal Joes" who decide to temporarily take up manslaughter for a vacation trip. Icky. Expect lots of stern finger-wagging from the horror-haters once this sequel starts getting a little closer.