Is there a good movie about killer jellyfish? If not, someone will probably get the idea for one now. The romantic actioner Fool's Gold, which is currently shooting in Australia, recently halted production for an undetermined amount of time after a grouping of deadly 'Irukandji jellyfish' were discovered in the waters where stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey were about to film swimming scenes. It turns out the lethal jellyfish had, unbeknownst to the locals, migrated from their traditional northern tropical waters to a swanky tourist spot 400 miles south. "You can't now say the waters around Fraser Island are jellyfish safe," the scientist who discovered their unwelcome presence said. "I mean, these animals have the potential to kill you."

There's no further information given in the Telegraph story about how long production has been postponed, or how close the stars came to meeting their maker, but the piece notes that the toxicity of these particular jellyfish is "legendary." Believe it or not, the tourism board of the community where all this was happening actually weighed in on the subject to stem any panic that might hurt their livelihood. "We don't want a perception to spread that every Sunshine Coast beach is a killing field," the head of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council said. You see, it's all psychological -- you yell "barracuda," and everybody says 'huh? what?' But you yell "Irukandji jellyfish" and we've got a panic on our hands on the fourth of July.

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