I don't know ... Maybe the following is what you get when you're an investment banker who gets inspired by the likes of Robert Ludlum and then become a writer of financial thrillers. It seems that Paramount Pictures quite likes Christopher Reich, and his latest book that will be published this summer -- The Rules of Deception, as they've optioned the rights to the story. Now here's where it gets puzzling. The novel is about a doctor who works for Doctors Without Borders and loves to indulge with extreme sports with his wife. While they are hiking in the Swiss Alps, she falls into "an inaccessible ravine." I assume that means she's died. Now, after this happens, the doctor gets a letter that was addressed to his wife, which pulls him into a conspiracy that could...wait for it...result in a nuclear war in the Middle East!

It gets better -- Reich is writing a sequel called Rules of Vengeance. I see blockbuster written all over this sucker. You've got all those thrilling aspects that will pull moviegoers out in droves. You've got a completely over-the-top plot that not only pulls at one's nerves, but also hits into both Middle East and nuclear war fears. Top that off with a sequel that has "vengeance" in the title and this could easily be either a typical thriller, or maybe thriller-meets-Die Hard. Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce, but there is no word on a screenwriter or any further development. While I'm anxious to hear more about this, I'm waiting for the day that a film uses a sneeze, or maybe a cracked knuckle to start an epic war or thrilling tale of espionage.
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