With what's basically an extension of his Ricky Bobby character from Talladega Nights, Will Ferrell once again arrives in theaters doing what he does best -- playing a complete ass. This time, however, he's traded in his spiffy race car for a pair of ice skates and a role opposite Napoleon Dynamite (if he swapped his sketch pad for a part as the fourth Hanson brother). Blades of Glory is everything you'd expect from the trailers -- silly, dumb and predictable. It's far from inspiring, and it won't make you cry, but the film does provide enough stupid humor (thanks to Ferrell's familiar shtick) to make it worth the price of an admission ticket. That's if you don't mind your IQ dropping down a few notches in exchange for a brief chuckle or three.

Not only are Chad Chazz Michael Michaels (Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) considered two of the top men's solo figure skaters, but they're also bitter rivals from different sides of the tracks. Michaels is a sex addict with a love for hard liquor and fast women, while MacElroy is a conservative prodigy raised from a very young age to live, eat and breathe The Ice. When both men tie for the gold medal at the Olympics in Stockholm, their trash talking on the podium leads to an all-out brawl in front of a packed house -- an embarrassing ordeal that ultimately ends with both men being banned from competitive figure skating. What them, their coaches, their team of attorneys, and the entire world fail to notice is that they're banned from solo skating, yes, but not pairs skating. So guess what happens?