Director Sam Raimi, best known for such films as The Evil Dead and the hugely successful Spider-Man franchise, is expanding his repertoire as a content creator and entering into production on several projects for multi-platform horror/thriller site Fearnet. According to Variety, the versatile Raimi will produce at least the first two projects for the site which was launched five months ago by Sony, Comcast and Lionsgate and potentially may produce more down the road -- including a possible feature-length project. The projects, which Raimi will produce with partner Robert Tapert via their Ghost House Pictures company, will be broken into seven segments, or "webisodes," with each segment having a running time of five to seven minutes.

The webisodes will be supported by ads and will be available across multiple platforms supported by Fearnet, including on-demand cable, streaming Internet video and mobile phones. The first project out of the gate for Raimi and Fearnet will be Devil's Trade. The horror/thriller, scripted by Ben Ketai and directed by Toby Wilkins, concerns three teenagers who end up being cursed after they buy an item off the Internet and is expected to premiere in June. The second project, also scripted by Ketai and based on the Steve Niles graphic novel, will serve as a prequel to the feature film 30 Days of Night, a Ghost House/Columbia Pictures horror/ thriller about vampires who go to a small, isolated Alaskan town to feast during the long winter but run into a sheriff with other ideas.

The second project will premiere in advance of the film's planed October release and will tell the story leading up to the vampire's journey to the town and also provide some hints to the storyline of the film. Once the first two project get off the ground, Fearnet and Ghost House will continue their relationship a produce more projects because, according to Tapert: "We've seen the digital space grow exponentially in the last few years, and Fearnet presents us with another opportunity to expand our goal in providing original content to the horror community."
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