Is everybody ready to storm the multiplex on May 4? If you're like me, you can't wait for that date, and with it the chance to finally see Venom on the big screen in Spider-Man 3. Surely some of us will even be making the trek to a midnight showing the night before (keep in mind, this one is about 3 hours with ads and previews included). But we won't be nearly the first ones to see the movie, because it will bow in China a whole day earlier than it opens in the States. The decision for the head start was made in order to put a dent in piracy of the movie. Apparently it had nothing at all to do with Hollywood's current favoring of international markets -- as was the reported excuse for Spider-Man 3 having its world premiere in Japan on May 1.

I'm not an expert on film piracy, but a one day advance doesn't seem to me like it would matter to bootleggers, or to many of the people who buy pirated discs over seeing a film in the theater. Isn't it already good enough for Eastern countries to get a day-and-date release? With such a simultaneous release they still technically get to see the movies before us anyway. I actually don't mind not seeing the film first, and could even wait to see Spider-Man 3 on Monday, when the theater won't be so packed. And if I was a poorer or cheaper person who could easily pick up a copy on the street for as little as $1, I could probably wait even longer for whenever the pirates get the chance to distribute it illegally.