I don't know why, but for some reason these Ocean's trailers always make me feel cool. Maybe it's the suave music, those suave suits or, heck, the pic's suave cast -- but whatever it is, it makes my wallet leap onto the table in front of me, screaming "Here! Use me! Buy a ticket! Please!" The first full-length trailer for Ocean's Thirteen has just arrived online, and with it comes a whole lot of devilish male bonding -- the kind only George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Casey Affleck, Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac and Scott Caan can make look good. Unlike the convoluted Ocean's Twelve, this time the boys are back in Vegas, back in the casinos and up to their old tricks.

While this trailer features some of the same scenes from the teaser that was released a couple months back, it's been extended to show us more of everything -- more plot, more Pitt and more planning. In what director Steven Soderbergh is calling his last Ocean's-related film (yeah, we'll see if that happens), Al Pacino shows up as the new king of Vegas; a tough, no-nonsense businessman who won't think twice about doing bad things to the people who get in his way. But when one of those people just happens to be part of Danny Ocean's (Clooney) crew, then it appears as if a full-helping of revenge is on the agenda. In this third installment, it seems like Soderbergh and his gang are returning to what made the first flick so much fun to watch. These boys belong in Vegas, not in Europe. Place your bets now folks, the film arrives in theaters on June 8.