For those who don't remember, author Anne Rice underwent a big religious conversion about ten years ago, and swore off vampirism in favor of writing about Jesus. She went so far as to give interviews saying that she would never write another vampire book even if it meant financial ruin. Apparently, her change in lifestyle hasn't deteriorated her writing ability -- those I know who have read Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt say its an interesting book with Rice's distinctive flair. Hollywood, which is all a-twitter lately with Jesus material, despite the bomb of The Nativity Story, is also apparently interesting in continuing its on-again-off-again relationship with Rice.

IGN is reporting that plans are underway to bring Christ the Lord to the big screen, toot sweet. A company called Good News Holdings, backed by a man named George Barna, is going to produce the film and shoot it in Israel. The next issue of course, is one that IGN put succinctly: "It remains to be seen whether the production will be a legitimately artistic venture, a la Mel's Passion, or a strictly subcultural cheesefest like the Kirk Cameron-led Left Behind." I'm sure that shingles like Fox Faith will probably be eager to jump on the project whether it's the former or the latter -- I mean, did anyone see The Sin Eater? That was Kirk Cameron-city. The piece also reports that a casting search is underway to find a young Jesus, but no other solid about the project is available at this time.

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