First, a word of warning -- this trailer is somewhere between an R and an NC-17, so it's not safe for work, home, church, your uncle's house or a locked basement, basically. Now, we finally see why the Weinstein people were so intent on keeping these faux trailers under wraps for so long -- they are obviously going to use them as the final marketing push to keep interest primed the week before Grindhouse opens. The first one that's arrived on the net is Eli Roth'sThanksgiving; it's a grimy, dirt-stained print of a promo that looks exactly like something that would have been tacked onto the print of Friday the 13th Part 2 or Terror Train, or something else from the early 80s, only it wouldnt have been nearly this violent.

The faux film its promoting tells the story of a small Massachusetts town being terrorized by a man in a Pilgrim outfit who appears at random to lop off heads -- sometimes so stealthily that people don't seem to notice him until the person they are talking to suddenly has only a neck stump instead of a head. You've probably already heard about the cheerleader scene and the turkey scene, so if not, I won't spoil them for you, but I will say that I think I'd actually like to see this film be made full. It's vintage Eli Roth and would probably make $100 million at the box office. Also, stick around after the ending for footage from the Rob Zombie and Edgar Wright trailers!