For some people, a complete magazine article is too much to read. Fortunately for them, there is Reader's Digest. For other people, a whole biographical book is too much to read. Fortunately for them, there are biopics. Fittingly the husband-and-wife founders of Reader's Digest, DeWitt and Lila Acheson Wallace, are now to be the subject of a biographical movie, which will be based on Peter Canning's "American Dreamers: The Wallaces and The Readers's Digest: An Insider's Story." The movie is being produced by also-husband-and-wife David Duchovny and Téa Leoni and it will detail the couple's rise as magazine publishers during World War II and their political compromising of their brand during the Cold War. According to Leoni, the story deals with the Wallaces' accumulation of great wealth and great vulnerability.

I know very little about Reader's Digest other than the magazine was partially responsible for me having food on the table growing up, as my father supplied illustrations for many issues throughout the 1970s and '80s. I never really thought this until just now, but the Wallaces indirectly impacted my life. Of course, their publication wasn't the only place my father found work, but it was a significant outlet for illustrators for many decades. So, certainly I am interested to see a biopic about the Wallaces, particularly some of the details Canning focuses on in his book, such as the couple's unusual sex life and the magazine's manipulation by the CIA and FBI. Canning, who worked for many years under the Wallaces as the managing editor of Reader's Digest, will be a consultant on the film, so hopefully he will make sure all the juiciest bits get in.
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