At this point you could start preparing your own John Carpenter Remake Film Festival. With the"re-imaginings" of Assault on Precinct 13 and The Fog already in the rear-view mirror, and with Halloween and Escape from New York facelifts on the horizon, it now looks like yet another of Carpenter's creepy classics is about to receive the re-do treatment.

According to, Disturbia screenwriter Christopher Landon is in talks to pen a remake of Christine, which was a 1983 killer car horror film based on a novel by Stephen King. The scribe aims to stick a little more closely to the source material and focus a bit more on the "possessed nerd" angle -- as opposed to the "killer car" slant that Mr. Carpenter leaned on. (I think JC covered both angles pretty well, actually, but Landon seems to be a fan of both the book and the movie, and that's obviously a good thing.)

Apparently the original plan was for Christine to be reborn by way of television. Both the Sci-Fi Channel and NBC had considered the project, but now it looks like it'll be a traditional feature film. Mr. Landon doesn't spill too many beans on the new adaptation, but we'll share the word once it comes down the pike. (Nerd trivia: The two leads from Carpenter's Christine have gone on to become pretty successful directors; John Stockwell helmed Blue Crush, Into the Blue and Turistas. Keith Gordon directed The Chocolate War, A Midnight Clear and Waking the Dead -- all of which I consider pretty excellent films.)
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