Jon Voight and Nicolas Cage were caught waiting outside the White House for a tour! Well, not exactly, although I wouldn't be surprised if they were allowed in for a private look around at the presidential quarters. What exactly were Voight and Cage doing pandering in front of the black iron gates? They were in the middle of filming National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Just Jared captured a sequence of photographs that show a variety of comfortable cast members lolly gagging as they waited for their next shot. National Treasure: Book of Secrets returns with almost the entire cast from the original, including Diane Kruger and Harvey Kietel. This time, instead of going after a treasure, Cage is seeking resolution over President Abraham Lincoln's death.

The search is for the missing pages in John Wilkes Booth's diary that may reveal the reason for his actions. Hence the necessity for the White House to be a part of the plot. I have to admit it sounds interesting and whether there truly is a legend about missing pages from Booth's diary I'm not sure, but a story that dives into the man behind Lincoln's death could be utterly fascinating. The first National Treasure made nearly $350 million dollars in box office sales worldwide in 2004 and held the number one spot for three weeks in a row; for those who haven't seen it, the Jerry Bruckheimer production is about a treasure hunter (Cage) who sought after a historical fortune that his fellow employer had his eyes set on too -- see the conflict? We have another nine months until we see if National Treasure: Book of Secrets matches the success of its predecessor but for now, there are always production stills to enjoy. National Treasure: Book of Secrets reaches theatres on December 21 of this year.

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