What would happen if the sun were eating itself up from the inside out, resulting in its own extinction? More than likely there would be a lot of panicking and an intervention made by the best astronauts this world had to offer. This just happens to be the plot for the upcoming action sci-fi feature Sunshine; Cillian Murphy stars as a member of a heroic team who think they have a plan to save the day. The film is due out stateside this fall and in an effort to satiate U.S. fans, director Danny Boyle -- also responsible for one of my favorites, Trainspotting -- and his production staff have created an online production video diary that documents nearly everything you wanted to know about the film.

It's incredible how true to life Alex Garland (writer) and Boyle wanted the fictitious experience to be. They met with radiologists to understand its effects on the human body, sent the cast to high altitudes to experience zero gravity and studied up on how to recreate the sun's beauty. The most visceral aspect of the diary is interviews with both Boyle and director of photography Alwin Kuchler, who spoke of the necessity to shoot the film with an emphasis on lighting. Boyle explains that the film is "unusual cinematically, the balance between darkness and light." The diary reveals some of the beautiful shots that exemplify just what he's talking about. The characters, he says, are literally, "surrounded in darkness but driven by an internal light." The diaries also include interviews with certain cast members including Troy Garity, who has always been a fan of sci fi but finds it difficult to read a good script in that genre.

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