The AFI Dallas International Film Festival wrapped up this weekend, and announced a number of festival awards over the weekend. Target Filmmaker Awards of $25,000 each were given to the narrative film Shut Up and Shoot Me and the documentary New Year Baby. Shut Up and Shoot Me was directed by Steen Agro; the Czech Republic dark comedy is about a guy struggling to make ends meet who is hired by a depressed British man to kill him. New Year Baby is directed by Socheata Poeuv and is about her journey to Cambodia to discover the truth about her family and her birth in a Thai refugee camp. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting helped fund the documentary, so we may have a chance to see it on PBS eventually. The Best HD Feature award went to Sharkwater, a Canadian documentary by Rob Stewart about sharks.

Audience awards were also announced. The documentary award went to Darius Goes West, which Kim enjoyed -- check out our interview with director Logan Smalley. Music Within, the festival's opening-night film that starred Ron Livingston, took home the narrative audience award. The Little Gorilla won the audience award for short film. The festival's jury awards for the Texas competition, animated films, student films, shorts and documentaries are listed after the jump.
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