Like many of you, I've been a huge John Cusack fan for many a decade. From Better Off Dead and Say Anything to High Fidelity and The Ice Harvest (hey, I liked it), I've been known to enjoy a mediocre flick just because of Cusack's performance *koff* Con Air. (And just wait till you see John go in Grace is Gone!) Having said all that, John's next flick, the sappy-looking Martian Child, looks might it test my well-founded faith in the actor. (It's not just that the movie looks to be extra sugary, but also that there's not one scene in the trailer we haven't seen before!)

Based on the novel by David Gerrold, the movie is about a nice guy who takes a shine to a local "weird kid" who a) believes he's an alien and b) spends most of his time inside a cardboard box. The adaptation comes from a pair of first-time scribes (Seth Bass and Jon Tolins) and writer-turned-director Menno Meyjes, who not very long ago worked with Mr. Cusack on Max. Co-starring in the PG-rated New Line release are Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt and Richard Schiff. Ah, and it looks like John will be reunited with his sister Joan once again. (I believe this marks the ninthtimethey'veappearedinthesamemovie.) Martian Child opens on June 29; Cusack also has 1408 on the way in addition to the aforementioned (and very excellent) Grace is Gone.