Little Abigail Breslin (trust me, I've met her and she's super tiny) is looking to take full advantage of the Sunshine before it eventually turns to rain; she is close to signing on to two more films, one of which has her starring opposite Jodie Foster. First up is Nim's Island, based on the book written by Wendy Orr and Kerry Millard. In it, she'll play a young girl who accompanies her scientist father to some far-off isolated island. But, when he's lost at sea, she begins to communicate -- not with a volleyball -- but with a mysterious person (Foster?) who she thinks is a character in some book, but is really a reclusive author. Joseph Kwon and Paula Mazur penned the adaptation, while Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin will direct. 20th Century Fox will distribute, and shooting is set to begin this summer.

Following her adventures on Nim's Island, Breslin will then take on the lead role in the upcoming live-action American Doll flick. If you're not the type who follows the whole "doll" thing, American Doll is a line of classy, expensive dolls -- and the opposite of those trashy-looking Bratz dolls, who are also gearing up for their own film. Here, she'll play Kitt Kittredge; a young girl who tries to save her family during the Depression. No director is attached yet, but Ann Peacock (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) has penned the script. Here's my question: Does Breslin have what it takes to be the next Dakota Fanning?

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