Simon Channing-Williams produced 2005's well-received TheConstant Gardner, which led to Rachel Weisz's first Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress, and he recently announced that he will be producing yet another adaptation of a John le Carre novel, The Mission Song. The book is the most recently published work of le Carre, a remarkable novelist; born in 1931, he has written more than 40 novels, most of which are critically acclaimed. The Mission Song story is about the duties of a British interpreter; the main character is commissioned to work a covert operation in the Congo where his professional abilities are tested while his personal ethics challenge his responsibilities.

There have been no announcements on who is being considered to play the main role; the character is 29 years old and his ethnicity is of mixed heritage. If I had my choice of actors to play the part, perhaps I'd go with Cillian Murphy, Gael Garcia Bernal or James McAvoy. If people could suspend disbelief and buy that Audrey Hepburn was a Native American in The Unforgiven then any of those choices could work too! There's no more solid information at this point on when the film will start production, but for now you can read the book -- when was the last time you read anyways?
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