The life of a filmmaker is spent creating stories, capturing them eloquently on film and then using them to inspire their audiences. It's natural that filmmakers ignite strong emotions in individuals, especially when dealing with topics that are typically controversial. Unfortunately, these emotions can become as emblazoned as the characters they try to create and risks the lives of everyone involved in the film. This very thing happened last Tuesday in Afghanistan that put a halt on the production.

The award winning Iranian director Samira Makhmalbaf was on set in Afghanistan filming her upcoming feature Two Legged Horse when a bomber perched on a rooftop led a solo attack that killed a horse and severely injured actors, extras and crew members. The bomber was able to come to set under the guise of an extra where his actions were caught on film from the movie. This entire scenario is jarring and makes a person reconsider the security precautions taken to ensure a safe set. I'm always shocked by how easy it is for anyone to become an extra in Los Angeles without ever experiencing a security check, unless they are filming at a studio location.

Apparently the Makhmalbaf family has been a target for terrorist attacks -- not believed to have anything to do with the Taliban or Al Queda. Attempts have already been made on Mohesen Makhmalbaf's life -- he is Samira's father, and an influential Iranian filmmaker who also wrote Two Legged Horses -- as his daughter was thankfully, unsuccessfully abducted a number of times.

I haven't been able to find any hypothesis for why an obvious vendetta has been created on this family but I can access that the subject matter they cover in their films might have something to do with it. The films often revolve around the social/political climate in the Middle East, gender relations, and the study of women in powerful positions. Takhté siah won her critical acclaim and her third film Panj é sar established her as "a major talent in Iranian New Wave cinema," quoted from IMDB -- both flms won her the Jury prize at Cannes. These attempts have obviously not stopped the Makhmalbaf clan from creating new bodies of work. When the film's production will resume was not stated but if the pattern continues -- each film they've worked on their has been an attack - then Two Legged Horses will resume promptly, honoring audiences with yet another thought provoking film.
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