• Alice Backes(1923-2007) - Actress who appears in I Want to Live!, That Touch of Mink, The Cat From Outer Space and Snowball Express. She died March 17, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (LA Times)
  • Murray Grand(1919-2007) - Composer and pianist who appears and performs in Moscow on the Hudson and Tempest. He died of emphysema March 7, in Santa Monica, California. (Variety)
  • Attila Kaszás(1960-2007) - Hungarian actor who appears in Werkmeister Harmonies, Hukkle and Üvegtigris. He died of complications from a stroke March 23. (Caboodle.hu)
  • Lynn Merrick(1919-2007) - Actress (pictured) who starred mostly in little-known Republic westerns of the '40s, including The Cyclone Kid, The Sombrero Kid and The Apache Kid. She also had small parts in Down to Earth and 'Til We Meet Again. She died March 25, in West Palm Beach, Florida. (CowboyPal)
  • Faustino Oramas(c.1911-2007) - Cuban singer who was a member of the Buena Vista Social Club, which was the subject of a documentary by Wim Wenders. He died of cancer March 27. (Variety)
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