An interesting little cast is being assembled over there in the Speed Racer camp. First, Emile Hirsch (there has to be someone out there who loved The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys as much as I did) hopped onboard as the title character, Speed. And now, the Hollywood Reporter tells us Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are in talks to play Hirch's parents. Never in a million years could I picture Sarandon and Goodman married to one another, but hey -- I'm sure the Wachowski Bros. can make it work somehow. I mean, since this is a family film and all, I don't believe there will be any love-making involved ... Thank God.

For those either living under a rock or the kind of person who was never exposed to the absurd amount of drugs it would take for you to actually enjoy the original Speed Racer (my fondest memories of Speed took place at 3am in a smoke-filled dorm room), pic will be a live-action film based off the 1960s animated series. If they do decide to take the roles, Goodman will play Pops ( a guy who owns and builds race cars), and Sarandon will play "the backbone of the family," as well as a member of the Mach 5 racing team. The folks in charge are still looking to cast two more major roles; there's Speed's girlfriend Trixie, and his nemesis Racer X (for some odd reason, I could see Justin Timberlake in that role). According to producer Joel Silver, the film will be rated G for "Great, the Wachowski Bros. are making an all-out family flick, and production is set to begin this summer in Germany, with a scheduled release date of May 9, 2008.

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