Such is this business that sometimes you see the movie before you see the preview. I saw Diggers at a screening a few days ago, and now the trailer has popped up over at Moviefone. I can tell you that the trailer is a pretty fair representation of the film, which is about a bunch of clam diggers in mid-70s Long Island, who struggle with life, love and dreams of moving away to the big city. There's a pretty even balance between humor and drama, as the trailer depicts, but the one thing that struck me as odd -- I'll be writing about this in my review of the film as well -- is that even though Lauren Ambrose of Six Feet Under fame is second-billed in the trailer and touted as the film's leading lady, she has only a few, truncated scenes and her character has substantially less time than the other players. As a fan of her work, that was a little disappointing.

Aside from Ambrose, the main players are Paul Rudd and Maura Tierney as a brother and sister who just lost their lifelong clam-digger father, Ron Eldard as a comedic lowlife who is trying to date Maura Tierney and Ken Marino as a hothead father who struggles with whether or not he should give in to the corporate bad guys who are trying to take over his territory. Marino has a couple of knockout scenes, and overall I'd say his role is the cherry of the bunch and could propel him into more substantial acting roles after this. There's also a good gag in the film about Jaws still playing in theaters -- I believe it takes place in September 1976 -- but was Jaws really still in theaters, even with the old releasing style, over a year after it opened? I wonder. Anyway, Diggers is scheduled to drop on April 27.