Although Paulo Costanzo seems to be relegated to side-car, roomie roles in the U.S. -- he was Josh Hartnett's womanizing roommate Ryan in 40 Days and 40 Nights, as well as Joey Tribbiani's nephew on that ill-fated Friends spin-off -- he's doing a bit better in Canada. After A Problem with Fear in 2003, the Canadian actor is the star of writer Douglas Coupland's first fictional feature, Everything's Gone Green. The film is now gearing up for release this month on April 20th, and Matt Bradshaw recently linked to a trailer for the film.

But when are trailers enough these days? If recent media habits are any indication, trailers are just the previews before more clips, photos and news bits to satiate anxious fans, rather than the lone tease to the upcoming picture. To continue the anticipation for Paul Fox'sGreen film, CHUD got a brief clip of scene in which Ryan (Costanzo playing another "Ryan") discovers his parent's grow-op in their basement, and it is aptly titled: "Nobody Likes a Narc." If you're a fan of Coupland's, you'll definitely see ties to his other work, even in this short scene, which is a bit reminiscent of jPod. The clip is a whole switcheroo on moral outrage and drugs -- while Ryan is flabbergasted over his parent's marijuana-growing antics and warns that they could be sent to jail, his father says that he's being melodramatic. Of course, he says this as the couple calmly spray their beloved plants while Ryan tries to come to terms with what he's seeing. It's cute, and I wonder if this will help Costanzo grab some more leading roles.