Is it me, or did M. Night Shyamalan just get bitch-slapped? And by Mickey Mouse, no less. Variety reports that Disney has just signed Adam Sandler to star in Bedtime Stories (a.k.a. The Film M. Night Could've Helmed for Disney if He Didn't Throw a Hissy Fit, Run to Warner Bros. and Shell Out the Craptastic Lady in the Water), to be directed by Adam Shankman. The film will jump into production later this year, with Disney eying a 2008 holiday release. And, based on the pic's description, it seems someone wants to have their own Night at the Museum ... minus The Stiller. For Shankman, this will be his third film for Disney, having already proven he can helm hits (Bringing Down the House and The Pacifier) ... even though both films missed my sense of humor by a mile.

Written by Matt Lopez, Stories follows a real-estate developer (Sandler) whose life is turned upside down when the outrageous bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew suddenly become true. Based on how well Sandler's last high-concept comedy clicked at the box office -- coupled with the fact that those over-achievers at Disney want to rule the holiday season -- I imagine this sucker will be huge. Huge, I say! Pic also marks the first time Sandler has ever starred in a film for Walt Disney Pictures; back in 1998, Touchstone released The Waterboy. So, here's the big question: Can Adam Sandler handle some innocent family fun? Will he lose some of his edge when all the filthy, perverted jokes are stripped from his comedic repertoire? Thoughts?

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