Lionsgate recently invited Cinematical out to the set of The Eye, a new supernatural thriller starring Jessica Alba, Alessandro Nivola, and Parker Posey, and directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud. They were shooting in downtown Los Angeles and ironically, the weather was completely sunny and beautiful all weekend but they had to make it look like a nasty gray downpour was happening. Come Monday morning, it was completely gray and rainy for real throughout Los Angeles, just the way the filmmakers would have wanted it. The sheer amount of work involved just to make it look like it is raining when it's not (they don't just crank the knob on a hose) is pretty impressive, and it makes you realize how much work has to go into something so simple.

We watched them coordinate massive amounts of water, corral extras, block actors and meticulously plan out camera shots. There was a massive amount of work going into this, because it's the first time we see Allison (Alba) in the film. Besides the pouring rain, she has to juggle a violin, her bag, a cane, an umbrella, and pull it off like someone who has been doing it for years. Oh yeah, and she's also blind. All of this information in a single shot helps not only establish the look and feel of the film, but it tells you loads about Alba's character without a single line of dialogue.

The Eye is a remake of the Chinese film Gin Gwai, directed by the Pang Brothers, about a young woman who has been blind for most of her life, then has a corneal transplant that restores her vision. However, she has difficulty dealing with the transition, and begins to hallucinate. Her new vision not only allows her to see what we see, but she can peep into the 'spirit realms' as well. She sets out to discover the mystery behind her vision, and to learn more about the donor of her corneas. The original is more about the mystery of it all than about spooky ghosts and ghouls flying around, and hopefully this remake will stay true to that. We're all starting to feel a bit burnt out on the Japanese horror remakes.
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