Disney definitely has old man, animal fever. We posted last month that the company was so confident about Walt Becker'sWild Hogs, that they were going to do a similar middle-aged romp, again with John Travolta, named Old Dogs. However, Erik's wish for the Smiths to join the Travoltas in the buddy comedy isn't going to happen. Will already has his own dueling dads film to shoot -- the upcoming Time Share. So, who do you get to team with Travolta? According to Variety, you look to funny man, Robin Williams. It makes sense. Not many actors are as goofy as Williams, and he loves his family films.

While Dogs will be similar to Hogs, Disney still wants more middle-aged men, and are also looking into a Hogs sequel (dizzy yet?). All of the cast are currently in talks to continue the story, and I sort of wish this is the film Williams was signing on for. I can totally see more motorcycle madness with Mork on the roster. In my alternate reality, the film would have a bit of a Grease 2 spoof -- while the old men are sitting on their Hogs at the local convenience store, a mysterious biker with extremely hairy arms bikes around, making all the ladies swoon with his special moves, while they ask: "Who's that guy?" Unfortunately, that's not going to happen.

But that's not all that's in store for Becker, because Disney can't get enough of him. They've also signed him for another film, once Dogs is finished -- an adaptation of his own adventure comedy novel that was published in 1998 -- Link. Where Hogs and Dogs are mid-aged craziness, Link is about a sort of Indiana Jones. However, the twist is that it has "an extraterrestrial origin for some of humanity's best and worst traits." Sound familiar? If this gets off the ground, would Travolta team up with Becker again? He's definitely got some experience with handling alien-derived emotions!
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