For fans of the TV show Heroes currently suffering from withdrawal until it's return on April 23rd, they can at least content themselves with some casting news for one of the stars. Variety reports that Milo Ventimiglia, has signed to star in the thriller Pathology for Lakeshore and MGM. The story centers on a group of medical students who devise a competition to see who can commit a crime that even their fellow pathologists could not figure out. First-time feature director Mark Scholermann will helm the picture, and the cast includes Lauren Lee Smith; fresh off the horror flick Trick 'r Treat (produced by Bryan Singer), and Alyssa Milano.

For the few, and I mean very few people who are not watching Heroes, Ventimiglia plays Peter Petrelli, the younger brother in a family with "superpowers." He had some big-screen experience last year, playing the son of Rocky in Rocky Balboa, but he is probably most recognizable as the "Rogue-esque" superhero on the NBC hit. Pathology is set to start production this May and is aiming for a fall release, just in time to cash in on some season premier buzz -- although after the last episode, I'm curious to see if he even makes it to next season.
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