Have yourself a little indie niblet:
  • Who would've ever thought of Eddie Vedder as the voice of inspiration for young men suffering from severe head trauma? It seems that Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, who has morphed from the quirky kid on 3rd Rock into a pretty powerful indie actor, listened to Pearl Jam non-stop to get in character for The Lookout, which Kim reviewed recently. According to what the actor told VH1: "I always design an arsenal of songs to go with every character I play, and I had never done it before with only picking one band. But for some reason, just because [the character's] mind goes in circles, [it seemed appropriate]." I think that would be a great jump to a new sort of special feature: the songs, films, goodies that an actor uses to get into character. I'd love to know what music Gordon-Levitt used for his other films.
  • Entrapment director Jon Amiel is set to direct the upcoming 105 Degrees and Rising for Overture Films and Echo Lake Productions. The film is about the fall of Saigon in 1975, and it brings together a number of story arcs dealing with characters who are trying to escape South Vietnam as U.S. control ended -- up through the evacuation of the last Americans and some South Vietnamese by helicopter from the roof of the American Embassy. The script has been penned by William M. Akers, the same guy who brought us...Ernest Rides Again. To give the guy credit, his last work in 2002 was an historical story, but it's still surprising. As for the title of the film -- it's part of a code broadcast on Armed Forces Radio. It seems that this quote, followed by part of Bing Crosby's White Christmas was a sign to get the heck out of dodge, pronto.
  • Lastly, Spain is starting to look into its laws on child actors after Madrid's child protection ombudsman asked parliament to create some by-laws to protect them. The limits requested: that children can only work fewer than 5 hours a day, that they can only work between the hours of 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. and that the types of work they can do must be specified. According to Carmen Gonzalez Madrid, the ombudsman's assistant: "A child doesn't have the maturity to assimilate certain frustrations that an adult could do, such as why today he is in Vogue and tomorrow he isn't." Hmm, I think Dakota Fanning would have a few words for him on the matter!
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