The version of Death Proof that will play as half of the Grindhouse double feature across North America runs just under 88 minutes in length. It's stuffed with Quentin Tarantino's patented brand of cleverly circuitous dialogue and endless pop culture rants -- in addition to a few stunning "kill" scenes and a car chase that simply has to be seen to be believed. And if you happen to be visiting the Cannes Film Festival come May, it looks like you'll get a bit more Death Proof to chew through.

According to Variety, Tarantino is aiming to put together an extended version of Death Proof if it's selected for a Cannes screening -- which it probably will because the French love QT almost as much as they love Jerry Lewis. This info fits right alongside the news that both Death Proof and Robert Rodriguez'sPlanet Terror will be lengthened and separated for their overseas distribution. (Fear not, North Americans. I'm betting that ALL of the available Grindhouse footage will make its way on to the Region 1 DVD -- although I do believe we're still waiting for that mega-inclusive ultra-long edition of Kill Bill, aren't we?)

So, if anyone covering Cannes can tell us what "new stuff" has been added to both of the Grindhouse features (provided they both play the festival, of course), we'd sure be happy to know what it is.
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