Forget everything you know, or think you know, about action movies based on toys and comic books because Michael Bay'sTransformers is going to blow you away! Ok, how was that? I'm trying a new thing here and being optimistic about upcoming comic book/sci-fi films instead of displaying my usual pessimism that most of them will, sadly, suck pretty hard -- especially ones directed by anyone with the name Bay, Schumacher, Johnson or Pitof.

However, I know many of you are actually excited to see Transformers when it hits theaters on July 4th and would be thrilled for any glimpse of the movie beforehand to whet your appetite for all the Transformery goodness. Fortunately, thanks to the folks at Yahoo Movies, you can now get several glimpses of hot transformer action because they've put up some exclusive photos, trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and other sure-to-please tidbits for you. Heck, they have so much Transformers content for you they've even posted an interview with the film's writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and a video where fans in Austin talk about how much they're excited for the film.

In truth, after seeing the trailers and looking at the pics -- Optimus Prime looks great -- its pretty hard to maintain my usual skepticism, at least about this particular movie -- rather lame fan interview video notwithstanding. In spite of my reservations, the movie looks pretty damn cool and I will no doubt be one of the teeming masses heading out to watch it on opening day. That is, unless I can snag a screening earlier. Anyone wanna hook me up? I promise to say something nice about the film -- especially if Mr. Bay is there.