It's official: Spider-Man 3 will be taking over New York City for one full week of movie marketing, before premiering -- as we expected -- at the Tribeca Film Festival. "Spider-Man Week in NYC" will run from April 30 through May 6, and will feature all kinds of different Spidey-related activities. From -- I kid you not -- Spider-Man inspired raps at the Apollo Theater in Harlem (I wonder how many of those raps will include a number of different definitions for the word 'Mary Jane') to Spidey Chats at the Central Park and Bronx Zoos -- The Big Apple will turn, well, webbed later this month.

The actual Spider-Man 3 premiere will most likely take place mid-week and, according to reports, will take place in Queens -- home to Peter Parker. Now, I could be wrong (and correct me if I am), but isn't Peter Parker from Forest Hills? Or did they just shoot scenes in Forest Hills? Either way, I live in Forest Hills -- and so it would be a real fun treat to be able to catch the flick in Spidey's hometown, and not have to spend two hours on a train commuting back home. If you're not able to catch the premiere in Queens, apparently there will be several different screenings taking place throughout the city. Some other stuff taking place that week: You've got a street festival and cast appearance at Rockefeller Center on April 30, original Spidey comic books will be on display at the New York Public Library, and there will be some Green Goblin mask-making at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, as well as lots more. So put in for time off now folks, cause Spidey is coming to town.