It was 25 years ago that Tim Burton made his first short film, and it was based on one of his childhood heroes -- Vincent Price. The six-minute stop-motion short, called Vincent, was about a boy who imagines that he is the epically creepy actor. It was based on a poem that Burton wrote, and it was narrated by the actor himself. Now, in an attempt to offer something fresh with the upcoming re-release of Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D, Disney will be showing the short as an opening to the film. As if that wasn't enough, it will be converted into stereoscopic 3-D to match the feature.

That's not a bad deal -- see a universally loved movie in 3-D, and get a great look into Burton's fledgling work as well. Disney exec Chuck Viane explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "When you have an evergreen title like Nightmare, it is very important to give the fan a chance to sample something new. Each year on bring backs, we are going to try to add some value." I assume by "bring backs" they mean re-releases of old material. While that is good for this feature, the quote just brings to mind all of those damned re-releases of films, each with a smidge of newness to lure us fans into buying each one. I wonder if a time will come when studios will cut a film just to have enough goodies to last through 10 different releases of a movie/DVD? Regardless, if this flick fares well in 3-D, I'm sure we will see Disney dig in for more depth conversions. Me, I'd like to see In Search of the Castaways zooming through the 3-D air. How about you? What Disney films would you like to see with an extra dimension?
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