We already knew that Walk Hard was going to be a little kooky -- its got headliners in John C. Reilly and Jenna Fischer, as well as big SNL names from Kristen Wiig to Chris Parnell, and it's about a singer named Dewey Cox who "overcomes adversity to become a musical legend." Recently, Patrick Walsh gave us even more news -- that Jack White was going to have a part as Elvis, because Cox comes in contact with a number of music legends over the years of his life. It's quirky and interesting, but it isn't really unexpected or jarring. But if the current rumor is true, there's a whole other twist to the life of Dewey Cox.

According to film ick, Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan also have a ghostly character to throw in the mix -- a 10-year-old ghost to be exact. According to site: as a youngster, Dewey is playing a game called "Machete" with his brother, Nate. (Machetes are all the rage these days.) The future singer accidentally kills his brother, go figure, and spends the rest of his life haunted by the ghost of his young, dead sibling. While the ghost remains a child throughout the film, he doesn't stay a happy one. To fuel the fire of this rumor, there is a young boy named Nate on the cast list -- played by Chip Hormess. Teamed with Andrew Cherry, who plays the young Dewey, this knife-slicing twist definitely has some super-cute kids to pull it off.
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