Funny how this cycle seems to work: Popular video game Area 51 was obviously inspired by a whole slew of "aliens run amok" movies, and now it looks like the game is about to yield a flick of its very own. (Two or three I bet.) According to Variety, comic book author Grant Morrison has been hired by Paramount to pen a screenplay for their Area 51 movie ... which will undoubtedly have a lot to do with commandos, machine guns, toxic waste, aliens and zombies.

The first draft was by Paycheck writer Dean Georgaris, who's also attached to the project as a producer. No word yet on who'll be directing the flick, although Mr. Morrison does have a pretty impressive track record as far as comic books graphic novels are concerned, and that's a promising thing. He's behind some of the most popular series of the past few years, including titles like Fantastic Four, The New X-Men, Justice League of America and Arkham Asylum. For those who've never played, the Area 51 game was one in which you pointed a gun at the TV screen, so I'm guessing we'll be getting a movie similar to Doom or Resident Evil -- and perhaps even better than both of 'em. Fans of the game will be pleased to note that a follow-up called Blacksite is scheduled for release this summer.
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