This is Freddie Prinze Jr. news that I am much happier with. If you were around on April Fool's Day, you might have caught this little gem from Erik. It's one of those things that could almost be true, considering the questionable casting of Katie Holmes in the first Batman. Luckily, it's not, and Prinze Jr.'s next project is much less worrisome. He's still trying to get the mojo back that made young girls lust for him in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday and indie fans smirk in The House of Yes -- without much success thus far. However, with a few movies and a new television show on his plate, he's now turning to his first feature as producer.

Variety has reported that the actor has partnered with Freddie writer Conrad Jackson to produce Manslaughter. The film was penned by Jackson, and the writer is also set to make his directorial debut with the feature. (I can't say that I have high hopes yet. Jackson's only listed work is for Freddie's terrible TV show.) The movie is about five college students who are "looking for fun" in the Philippines. The group gets involved in a manslaughter that they try to cover up, and then find themselves "scrambling for their lives." While Prinze Jr. will not star in the picture, because he's really a bit old for that now, he will be making a cameo in it. There is no word on the rest of the cast, but production is set to start next month in Los Angeles, so we will probably hear more about it soon enough.
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