It might seem surprising that Oscar Winner Goldie Hawn (almost 40 years ago, but still!) is returning to the big screen, or gearing up to, but she does like her short hiatuses. It worked for her after Death Becomes Her, which she followed up four years later with The First Wives Club, but can she still do it? Goldie's last flick was The Banger Sisters in 2002, where she tried to spice up the life of her ex-groupie friend played by Susan Sarandon. Now, after her longest break from film, she wants to star in an upcoming Christmas comedy called The Rosenbergs Save Christmas.

According to Variety, Fox Searchlight has optioned the spec script from Elisa Bell (Little Black Book) and Jeff Kline, and it is being prepped as a potential starring vehicle for the actress. The movie will deal with a couple from different religious backgrounds that get engaged, and then: "When his family is forced to host Christmas, the two mothers' personalities collide." Let me go out on a limb and say that the two families clash over their religious differences, maybe having some Meet the Parents sort of wackiness, and then learn a lesson about acceptance when, in line with the title, the Jewish family saves the Christian day. I'll go out on a further limb and say that Goldie will play some eternal wild child sort of Mom. I'm not sold so far, but maybe they can make it a family affair, get Kate and maybe even Oliver Hudson out there, and have her re-unite with Kurt Russell on-screen.
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