Halle Berry and Bruce Willis need questions for UnscriptedSeriously, now's your chance to ask Halle Berry anything you want. Any. Thing. Moviefone's got an Unscripted interview booked with one of the hottest people on the planet. Add Bruce Willis to the mix, and we've gotta recipe for fun. So give us -- and these 'Perfect Stranger' co-stars -- your best shot. We wanna know -- if Halle and Bruce could do any comic book adaptation together, what would it be? But you can come up with more, err, revealing questions than that, right?

To the uninitiated among you, Unscripted is Moviefone's star-on-star video Q&A show in which celebrities interview each other with your questions and some of their own. So stop stalking and start asking, and please provide your first name plus the city and state you live in!