The Lookout, open now in theaters everywhere, is a clever heist film that revolves around the characters of Chris (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a former star athlete and golden boy trying to get his life back in the aftermath of a head trauma from a tragic car accident, and Gary (Matthew Goode), a would-be bank robber with plans to take advantage of Chris' head injury to involve him in pulling off a robbery at a rural bank. Gordon-Levitt and Goode sat down with Cinematical in Seattle recently while on their PA tour for the film, to talk about their characters, what it was like working with director Scott Frank, and why Hollywood makes so many bad movies.

(to Matthew Goode) I heard you were tortured a bit in the casting process, that Scott strung you along for a good month or so.

MATTHEW GOODE: (laughs) I think it was longer than that, actually. I never really expected to be involved, especially with the accent (Goode is British, the character is American). So it was a real treat, I happened to be in LA and happened to read the script and I was like, I have to meet this guy. And I must say, after the third or fourth audition I felt like, I'm really going to get this. But then it just kept going and kept going. And you sort of reach the point, by the sixth one, that you really start to think, they're just going to go with someone else, and you'd rather they just tell you. Because at a certain point, you get attached to the part, and then it's upsetting to think you won't get to play it.