Maybe it was the lure of appearing alongside Susan Sarandon in Speed Racer that landed actor John Goodman in some legal troubles. Variety reports that German film company Constantin Film have filed a $3 million lawsuit against the actor over his failure to commit to the film version of the medieval legend of Pope Joan. The film has already cast Franka Potente as the lead in the story of a woman who managed to hide the fact she was female long enough to become Pope sometime in the 850's. Supposedly, she was found out when she gave birth during a procession from St. Peter's -- now that must have been an awkward walk home.

According to Constantin Film's lawsuit, Goodman had made a verbal agreement to play Pope Serguis. Goodman's legal representation has dismissed the lawsuit as "frivolous," and that even though Goodman had entered talks over the project, he added that "no agreement had ever been reached." According to the suit, Goodman's reps had contacted the filmmakers in March, but I guess it was not enough time since Constantin is suing for what they say are "significant sums" as a result of the delays of recasting. Constantin claims that Goodman had agreed to accept $500,000 for his role in the film, it makes you wonder what the Wachowski Brothers were offering.
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