I can think of no one in the world better suited to teach a class on film than Martin Scorsese. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable film buffs out there, he talks so fast I'd imagine you get three or four times the information in the same amount of time! Organizers of the Festival de Cannes (let me just grab my French/English dictionary...ah yes...Cannes Festival) just announced that Scorsese will be presenting a "Masterclass" at the 60th annual event. Scorsese will teach the class for students and film fans on Thursday, May 24th. Others who have taught the course are Wong Kar Wai, Nanni Moretti, Stephen Frears, and Sydney Pollack, who I don't imagine was bombarded with questions about Random Hearts.

Scorsese's got a busy trip planned, he will also present the Camera d'Or to the director of the best first film in competition at the closing ceremony. And most excitingly, he will be announcing the launch of his World Cinema Foundation, which will be "devoted to the preservation and restoration of cinematic masterpieces from across the globe." God, I love this guy. Scorsese won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1976 for Taxi Driver - amazingly, he wasn't even nominated for the Best Director Oscar for that film - and was president of the Cannes jury in 1998. If you'd like to get the experience of being taught by Mr. Scorsese and can't afford a trip to France, let me highly recommend the DVD A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies. It is absolutely fantastic and you can get it cheap.

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